About S4X

S4X currently comprises : me, erm thats about it. In my office at home. Its not quite a real company yet as I dont actually have any ongoing clients although its been around since 2005 :o(. At least I have almost no overhead costs so I should be able to keep my prices low.

My background was originally in engineering and hardcore telecoms c programming. I moved to website deveopment in 2003 and have been developing websites ever since mostly for agencies but also for family and friends. I prefer writing code to drawing pictures so many of my sites are more boxy than curvy but can still create some nice designs and the complex functions of my sites normally work well, however if you prefer to leave the design stage of the process to a design agency you are welcome to do so.

I use PHP as my primary language for developement and MySQL for all database requirements. These choices are primarly due to the fact that they are free but also since they are stable, robust, secure, fast and so far I have not found any significant issues with either.

Why is it called S4X? I Don't know but its easy to remember.

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